We tested 14 well-priced EVOOs that pass the authenticity test of Tom Mueller, author of Extra Virginity, meaning they are not cut with cheaper oils.

By Kimberly Holland
February 18, 2014
Credit: Photo: Randy Mayor


This oil boasts a strong and slightly aggressive bite, but it's balanced beautifully with a deep, creamy richness. It's bright and buttery—like a firm avocado—and it ends with a faintly floral finish. It's a go-to oil for everything from salad dressings to soup drizzles, even dessert.


This one has loads of character packed into the tiniest of pours. It starts bright, even green-grassy. A stout peppery punch shows up at the end. It was by far the most pungent oil we tasted—it begs to have crusty bread dipped in it—but is balanced enough for a simple pasta or seafood dish.