This cut sometimes trades fat for flavor, but we were impressed by these two supermarket choices.
Credit: Photo: Randy Mayor


This bacon hits the sweet spot between crisp, savory fat, and chewy, porky meat. Each bite is packed with smoky, mildly salty flavor. Unlike some other bacons we tried, this one stayed thick and substantial after cooking. It's a go-to bacon for breakfast, BLTs, and even baked goods.


Hormel Black Label Center Cut Bacon  $4.99 (12-ounce package)

This bacon has just the right balance of meaty, salty goodness and smoky-sweet notes that taste almost sugary-caramelized. A thin-sliced bacon, it crisps quickly but doesn't render away while cooking. It crumbles beautifully, which makes it ideal for topping pasta, soup, or salad.