The love for the Earth is palpable today. (It is Earth Day, after all.) That's why I wanted to share with you my newest favorite eco-friendly kitchen find.

With as much plastic waste is there is in the world, I appreciate a genius (and handy) way to recycle. Epicurean's Recycled Plastic Cutting Boards (starts at $20, are made from an average of 14 to 30 recycled milk jugs. In fact, the entire Epicurean company was born from a desire to reuse and repurpose leftover skate park materials, so thumbs up, you guys!

As with all Epicurean cutting boards, this one is super sturdy. You couldn't bend it if you wanted to. It can take a beating in the kitchen, whether that's from chopping carrots and fennel or cutting up a PB&J sandwich every morning for a year or five. Its nonporous surface is knife-friendly and helps prevent bacteria growth. Best part: If it gets too beat up or you just decide you want a new one, the board itself is fully recyclable. The circle of recycling life, y'all.