In the world of healthier living, I believe there are three main types of people: First, we have those who have a general plan, approach it everyday in a "best effort" kind of mode, and are usually greatly successful. The second type is, well, intense. They plan and schedule and track and monitor. They watch every calorie as closely as they count every step. They know all their stats and measurements, and they can speak about macronutrients the way most people speak about beer types and flavors of ice cream.

The final type falls somewhere in between, and I'm a proud member of that subgroup. I have goals and plans. I write down my meals so I can grocery shop and strategize for splurges. I also plan my workouts, making sure I swap out my routines so I don't do too much cardio or, something I'm very guilty of, skip weights altogether.

I had been keeping track of all this in an old-school notebook. It was cute and handy and very inexpensive (thank you, post-back-to-school Target sales!). But, it wasn't enough. I'm not obsessive--I am entirely comfortable straying from my plan when a tray of brownies is sitting outside my office--but I need more structure than the average person.

About a year ago, I stumbled on May Design's Health + Fitness Journals. Their slim 5-by-8" notebook is easy to keep in my purse or gym bag, and it's unassuming. It doesn't scream "FITNESS STRATEGY." (It actually doesn't scream anything, but you can monogram it or write a cute phrase like "Get Fit!" on the cover of your notebook.) I ponied up the $20+ dollars, and I've never looked back.

First things first, the notebook encourages you to write out your goals. Are you trying to lose weight, tone up, build muscle? Write it all down, plain as day, at the front of the book. Then flip to your daily planner. Each day lets you plan your three meals, plus snacks. You can also track your water and plan your exercise. Don't monitor calories? There's no box for that, but if you do, do like me and just tally them in one of the corners.

Had to skip the gym because of an injury, or have a really awesome farro salad idea you just have to make? Jot yourself a note at the bottom of the page, and use it as a reference later.

Each notebook has 76 days of pages, so you'll need several to get through a year. Good thing they're on sale right now. Today and tomorrow, you can buy these handy health and fitness notebooks for 40% off their regular price. You don't need a special code. Just design your notebook(s), pick the Health + Fitness Journal page option, and your 40% discount will be applied.

I'm headed to stock up again. I'm down to my last notebook, so this is the perfect opportunity for me to grab a few more for me--and maybe one or two for friends who are planners like me.

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