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If you've not been in an actual brick-and-mortar bookstore in the last year, you may have missed the boom of adult coloring books. Indeed, the childhood pastime has made a roaring comeback for adults of every stripe, from Type A engineers to too-busy-to-bathe young professionals.

Now, with the introduction of Jessie Kanelos Weiner's coloring book Edible Paradise, those of us whose interests span both the colorful artistic world and the edible food world have a coloring book just for us. Each illustration features exquisitely detailed pictures of fanciful florals, dreamy farmers' market scenes, even calming bouquets of freshly-picked produce.

Package this coloring book up with a box of colored pencils, and you'll be a gift giving genius for all your friends. Better yet, curl up in your favorite armchair with a pack of colorful pens, and let the worries of your world slip away.

$17, available at Amazon and Rizzoli Bookstore.

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