After becoming a “working woman” this year (also known as the time when I learned that post-college budgets don’t allow for frivolous lunchtime spending), I quickly discovered that pasta salads, turkey paninis, and grilled wraps need to be kept cold during the morning hours at the office. Each day, I would prepare my meal, only to realize that it would once again have to be toted around in a recycled shopping bag. What was likely socially acceptable in my adolescence now seemed unprepared and outdated.

Only then did I uncover the hidden (and, might I say, magical) world of lunch bags. There are totes, backpacks, collapsible bags–and they're all super chic. So take your mid-day meal to work in style with our favorite lunch totes and bags that serve in form, function, and, of course, purpose. Below are five of the ones that we love on the market right now; which one would you want to be seen carrying into work this week?

Rings Lunch Tote (The Container Store, $12.99)

Lunch Tote-Art Deco (LeLaStudio, $28.00)