For immediate refreshment and downright deliciousness, iced coffee is my go-to choice on a steamy summer day. The first sips are pure bliss — crisp, smooth, and revitalizing —but then the ice begins to melt. Suddenly, that thirst-quenching, full-bodied iced coffee is now a watered-down disappointment.

While my first thought was just that I needed to drink the coffee faster, I knew there had to be a way to enjoy and savor the experience. As it turns out, I didn't need any fancy gadgets or a more expensive brew — I just needed more coffee! Coffee ice cubes have succeeded time and time again in keeping my coffee cold without diluting it with water, and they couldn't be easier to make at home.

Coffee Ice Cubes

Ingredients:1-2 cups black coffee

Step 1: Brew a fresh cup of coffee, or use leftover coffee from your morning pot. Pour the coffee into an ice cube tray — 1 cup of coffee will make about 8 cubes.

Step 2: Freeze the ice cubes overnight or until they are frozen solid.

Step 3: Fill a glass with the coffee ice cubes, pour in cold-brewed coffee, add your usual dose of cream or sugar, and enjoy! They'd also be great in iced mochas or lattes.