Last Friday night was a good night for Cooking Light! We won both of the James Beard Foundation Awards we were nominated for. The New Way to Cook Light won for best cookbook in the “Focus on Health” category.

Executive Editor, Food Ann Taylor Pittman won in the Food and Culture category of the Journalism awards for her November 2012 article, "Mississippi Chinese Lady Goes Home to Korea."

A few familiar faces and names were also honored Friday at the books and journalism award ceremony and last night at the chefs and restaurants awards ceremony:

Ken Forkish's book, Flour Water Salt Yeast: The Fundamentals of Artisan Bread and Pizza was chosen as the best Baking and Dessert book. We included it in our list of the Best Books for Real Cooks.

Maricel E. Presilla‘s Gran Cocina Latina was also on our list of the Best Books for Real Cooks, and on Friday, she was awarded Cookbook of the Year.

Marcus Samuelsson received the Writing and Literature Award for his book Yes, Chef: A Memoir. Samuelsson received our 2011 Neighborhood Chef Award.

Dan Barber‘s Blue Hill in NYC was named Outstanding Restaurant. Dan was our April 12 Healthy Habits hero. Dan shared his best ideas for eating more whole grains -- even in dessert!

Congratulations to all the winners! Pick up a copy of The New Way to Cook Light today!