The word alfredo brings to mind something saucy, rich, indulgent… an every-now-and-then splurge that inserts itself onto the dinner table when the healthy-eating fairy decides to take a break. Cream, butter, Parmesan cheese… who knew something as simple as chicken and pasta could be so decadent?  But just how decadent? I pulled up two popular nationwide restaurant chains and both had numbers in excess of 1000 calories per serving. I know – restaurants can overdo it on everything these days. So I then decided to do a little number crunching with some classic recipes. All had at least 500 calories, over 10g saturated fat and hovered around 1000mg sodium. Better than the restaurant, I guess.

But what if we cut those numbers in half without sacrificing flavor and creamy goodness? That’s where we step in. A creamy, indulgently rich chicken alfredo pasta with just 290 calories, 5g saturated fat, and 570mg sodium per serving. It couldn’t be simpler, with a base of juicy chicken breast and fresh semolina pasta. Our light, creamy sauce brings it all together; it’s made silky and rich with milk and aged Parmesan cheese, and softened with a splash of cream. The subtle back notes of fresh garlic make for an earthy, rustic finish. Try it topped with a handful of fresh basil, and serve alongside a crisp green salad and an even crisper wine for a beautifully easy dinner. Full creamy satisfaction, half the calories, zero prep. Now that’s what I call a healthy indulgence.

CALORIES 290; FAT 10g (sat 5g); PROTEIN 21g; CHOL 50mg; SODIUM 570mg