This Chicken Pasta Primavera was inspired by one of our reader favorites – the Garden Alfredo Chicken.

We pack loads of spring vegetables – artichokes, asparagus, spinach, and bell peppers into this dish and toss them all together with semolina pasta and juicy chicken breast.  Our light, silky sauce brings it all together; it's made rich with part-skim mozzarella and aged Parmesan cheeses and softened with a touch of cream. It’s reminiscent of an alfredo sauce – with the Cooking Light spin to make it healthier. Once again, we’ve done the cooking for you – just take it, bake it, and serve it with a crisp green salad. Top with a handful of fresh basil for a bright, herby finish - a tasty, healthy meal that the whole family will love. We hope you’ll enjoy this delicious, healthy weeknight meal as much as we did – so good, we had to share it with you!