Cookbook: Salsas and Moles Author: Deborah Schneider


Cinco de Mayo is right around the corner, and whether you're getting prepped for the festive event or just looking for a delicious round of salsas to top tacos with, this book is just for you. You'll find a variety of recipes that a beginning cook can master with ease. Schneider offers fun, personal notes and tips for each recipe (an aspect that I really enjoyed when choosing which recipes to try).

There's nothing quite like homemade salsa: It's personalized, preservative-free, and best of all, fresh. Salsa is one of my favorite sauces to cook with and eat, so I was excited to dive right into this book. Grab a margarita, throw on some tunes, whip up some salsas, and throw a Cinco de Mayo Fiesta this year!

Recipe Impression: 

1. Chimichurri (Garlic Sauce for Carne Asada)

"Emerald-green and unapologetically garlicky," as Schneider writes, is the perfect description for this recipe. Here, garlic, parsley, and cilantro unite to create a flavor-packed sauce that brings a depth to dishes. Knowing that this sauce makes a wonderful accompaniment to meat, I chose to top a simple grilled chicken taco with it. The result? Absolutely divine. The recipe makes about 3/4 cup, and after it was gone, I was hoping that I had about three more servings. The best thing about this sauce is that it's incredibly quick and easy to make—just throw the ingredients in a food processor, pulse for a couple of seconds, and you're done!

2. Hatch Chile Salsa (Roasted New Mexico Chile Salsa)

Because hatch chiles are best when roasted, this recipe calls for every ingredient to get a smoky roast before entering the food processor—and man did it produce a delicious outcome. With a combination of roasted hatch chiles, tomatillos, garlic, and onions, this salsa delivers bold, deep flavors with a hint of heat. A great thing about this book is that Schneider gives suggested serving ideas with each recipe. Though she suggested serving this green beauty on carnitas, with grilled meat, or even with tender pinto beans, we opted to try it with a bowl of blue corn chips, which was great as well.

The Takeaway: 

With a beautiful collection of recipes, Schneider offers authenticity and creativity in one cohesive book—a must-try for those summer nights ahead. As one of the most popular sauces in America, it's time to nix the store-bought versions and master the art in your own kitchen.

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