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Together, organic produce and the love of whole ingredients create the foundation for Chef Amy Chaplin’s recipes in her vegetarian cookbook. Highlighting fresh flavors and vivid colors in every dish, her book offers simplistic eating in an innovative way. In part one, Chef Amy teaches the basics of stocking a pantry with essential ingredients for daily nourishment and sets up the reader for weekly menus that facilitate a healthy lifestyle. In the second section, she offers naturally gluten-free recipes that elevate vegetarian cuisine both in presentation and taste.

Recipe Impressions

Coconut and Quinoa Pancakes:

Fluffy, slightly sweet, and simply delightful, these pancakes give me new hope for a gluten-free take on the breakfast staple. The quinoa combined with oats creates a unique texture that I want to go back to. The added unsweetened coconut was the icing on the cake that puts this recipe on my new “favorites” list. Though the recipe received a five-star rating, you have a little bit of prep involved, so you might want to save this recipe for a weekend treat.

Roasted Cherry Tomato Compote:

If you love tomatoes, you will love this recipe, and it is easy. I topped off a batch of gluten-free pasta with this delicious tomato compote for a fresh take on homemade marinara sauce. Cherry tomatoes blister beautifully in the oven, delivering a warm, juicy consistency that creates a perfect sauce. This dish, a great example of Chaplin’s love for whole food cooking, was a huge success, and a new go-to recipe for my Sunday pasta nights.



Whether vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, or omnivore, this book offers beautiful recipes for every palate while teaching a love for whole ingredients. It helps the home cook explore the art of simplistic cooking through extracting flavors from fresh ingredients and simple techniques. This book gives thoughtful instruction on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle with the art and love of food.


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