Thank you, fellow moms, for all the comments. I'm excited about bringing you new ideas each week, so check back regularly and keep posting your own tips as well!

This week's tip: Cook double, then freeze.

While I was pregnant, I had a feeling I would be too swamped to do my usual cooking after baby arrived. (I was right.) So in planning ahead, I would prepare a casserole, stew, or soup and double the recipe. One meal to eat then, one to freeze and eat later. Sounds simple, huh? When put into practice, this tactic created a whole freezer full of ready-made meals. So now, before l leave for work, I choose a freezer-ready meal to thaw. When I get home, all I have to do is warm up dinner. I plan to continue this time-saving practice now that my baby is here. When I do get a chance to cook a meal on the weekend, I'll make it twice. One to eat, and one to freeze.
Here's what I'm making this week: Smoky Slow Cooker Chili.

***Bonus!*** It's done in the slow cooker, so it's really hands-off and freezes beautifully!