By Kate Malin

“It ain’t jelly” might well be the unofficial motto for ‘Chups, a husband and wife run fruit ketchup company based in Washington, DC. Creators Matt Wallace and Kori Hill Wallace field this question regularly, explaining that their ketchups have the same savory and tangy but also slightly sweet elements as traditional tomato ketchup and the smooth and spreadable texture to match. For those who think ketchup must be tomato-based, ‘Chups will be a revelation with flavors like Mango, Cherry, and Spicy Pineapple, challenging the current tomato ketchup status quo.

One of the original five flavors, Mango ‘Chups has emerged as a favorite, winning a Good Food Award in 2015 and national recognition for its flavor and versatility. Mango ‘Chups are an excellent match with savory foods as a glaze, dip, or spread. Kori recommends glazing chicken wings or topping fish tacos as favorite uses for this fruity, flavorful ketchup. Since Matt made the very first jar of cherry ketchup, each batch has been slow cooked, blended, and strained by hand using fresh, local ingredients. A short and pronounceable ingredients list and the omission of artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives put ‘Chups at the top of the proverbial condiment heap.

Matt Wallace, one half of the husband-wife 'Chups team |

Mango ‘Chups are available at and in stores across the East Coast. ‘Chups is part of the Good Food Awards, a project to honor food and drink producers making the sort of food we all want to eat – tasty, authentic and responsible, and a proud member of the Good Food Merchants Guild, national association uniting American craft food businesses to connect, convene and promote Good Food businesses of all sizes.


From her grassroots work at the Good Food Awards to her continued education at NYU’s Food Studies Master’s Program, Kate Malin brings an unparalleled passion for great food and good people.

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