Here’s the deal. Generally, those of us of the female persuasion love chocolate. Especially on Valentine's Day. You knew this. I’m sure you already took care of that for your sweetheart, but if you haven’t, consider foregoing the traditional grocery store, heart-shaped box of chocolates this year. Instead drop by a local chocolate store, or pick up one of my favorite chocolate bars: Chocolove.

The first advantage: Chocolove is shaped like a chocolate bar, not a heart-shaped box whose size obviously represents how much you love your special lady. Second, it comes with a love poem printed inside the wrapper. Built in romance, and you don't even have to do the work!

Even though you can grab it at most grocery stores (look next to the organic chocolate since some of the bars are organic and Fair Trade Certified), it will come off as super thoughtful, and, while it isn’t exactly healthy-eating-approved, it’s richer, which means we’ll eat less, right? Well, maybe. Click here to find a location near you that carries them

In case I lost you in all my woman-talk, here’s my point: if you’re headed to the store to pick up chocolate, consider Chocolove. It's just as sweet but uniquely different and one-of-a-kind. Just like your Valentine.