It's that time of year again... chocolate bunny season. So many questions surround the selection process for the perfect long-eared edible likeness of Easter's favorite woodland critter: Hollow or solid? Dark, milk, or white? Cartoon cute or realistically elegant?

Without a doubt, these are all fair (and challenging) questions, but this year, I'm posing a single inquiry to determine the bunnies I shall buy, and it is this: As he is a-hopping down that bunny trail, where exactly is Peter chocolate tail heading?

The handcrafted bunnies of Laughing Moon Chocolates are, as the company logo states, on a mission, and I dig it. Using almost entirely compostable packaging and sourcing ingredients locally whenever possible, Laugh Moon's founder/owner Leigh Williams strives to support her local Vermont economy and take a stand for environmental stewardship through artisanal chocolatiering.

When asked what the central goals of her business are, Williams says, "To make  delicious, handmade chocolates with the big picture in mind... which means we like to think through our decisions and how we do business, what resources we use, how we can leverage our product for the benefit of non-profit organizations, community and the greater good while working to simply create an enjoyable experience for every single person that comes through our door."

There you have it—joy and community. Isn't that what all chocolate should be about?

As far as Easter offerings go, Laugh Moon's bunnies are solid (seriously, they don't do hollowed out rabbits), and they have over 40 styles of bunny to choose from—along with chicks, ducks, and lambs. Check out all of their truffles, clusters, seasonal chocolate sculptures,  and more at