If you’re a cheese lover (and who isn’t?), you already know that cheese is one of the most amazing foods ever. But did you know that in moderation, your go-to favorite also happens to be one of the top snacks you can feel good about?

It’s true! In addition to being part of a well-balanced diet, cheese—yes cheese!—can even support a healthy weight loss strategy.

Worried you won’t know when to say “when?” We’re with you—which is why we recommend stocking your fridge with cheese sticks from Weight Watchers. Individually-wrapped to take the guesswork out of portion control, they’re a portable, convenient snack solution that’s easy to keep on-hand wherever the day takes you. And five mouth-watering

varieties like Light Mozzarella, Reduced Fat Colby Jack, and Reduced Fat Cheddar make them a flavorful starting point for some creative snack pairings.



Looking to break out of a snack slump? Try one of these easy, cheesy ideas:

  •  Stuffed Celery: Add a kick to your celery stick by fitting a Weight Watchers jalapeno cheese stick into the underside.
  • Tomato Melt: Cut Weight Watchers cheddar cheese sticks into pieces and layer over 4-5 thick tomato slices. Sprinkle with Italian seasoning and broil until cheese is melted. It’s like a classic grilled cheese-and-tomato, minus the bread.
  • Turkey Roll-Up: Wrap a slice of fat-free turkey around a Weight Watchers mozzarella cheese stick, then take it for a quick dip in mustard or ranch dressing.