The day of love and appreciation is quickly approaching, so round up your loves, gal pals, dude friends, and take advantage of the cheesiness of a Hallmark holiday to let them know how thankful you are for them. (Embarrassingly silly gestures are encouraged!)

(And throw in a few hugs and treats for yourself, you’ve been awesome, and you deserve it.)

What better to serve along with the confessions of adoration and honest sentiments of appreciation than a glass of bubbly?



Moët & Chandon Impérial Rosé: It's super bubbly, almost foamy, with a delicate and pure grape flavor that comes through. The flavor lingers, so you could be satisfied with just one glass. Not too sweet, the rosé is crisp and perfectly dry with a slight tartness. The glow-y pink champagne is bright and clean on the palette.



Courtage Blanc de Blanc— Brut: For those who prefer white champagne over a rosé, this is a perfect alternative. Mild and clean, the taste of grapes comes through without being too sweet. The bubbles are smaller, imparting more effervescence with a super crisp finish. Some of our tasters noted the scent of Brie, making the bubbly a favorite among those who choose wine over anything else.

Courtage Rosé— Brut: This rosé is made for a second glass. With a flavor punch in the beginning, it has a short finish with an edge. Less sweet than most rosés, it's also less bubbly with slight hint of fruit. It's very drinkable and pleasantly crisp.



For something extra special, splash one part St. Germain Elderflower Liqueur into the bottom of a glass and top with the champagne of your choosing. Bonus sweetness and floral notes for you and the ones you love.