While I can scarcely be coined as a minimalist, I am definitely not one for stuff. Unlike many college students, when I would come home for the summer I never had a problem fitting all of my newly accrued items in my small hatchback. Instead, I usually came back with less than I started with. A parent’s dream? Perhaps.

While I have thrived in my clutterless world quite contently for the past 24 years, I now have seen the err of my ways and it has manifested itself in a highly inconvenient place—my wedding registry.  It took me weeks to commit to something as simple as potholders. The big stuff, like china, has been no big deal.  It’s the little things, the cluttery things if you will, that have proven to be the hurdles. Luckily, I am working through this one step at a time and have finally found a few kitchen gadgets that I can live with and may soon find myself unable to live without. Here’s the roundup:


This nifty tool has different adjustments to make measuring the thickness of your pastry a cinch.





A cutting board that does double duty—and a colander that won’t clutter up my drawers. Perfect.




Martha Stewart knows her stuff. My fiancé is constantly commenting on my garlicky (albeit manicured) fingers.




Soggy salad? Not on my watch!





A good whisk is essential in my kitchen. I use them for everything from mashing potatoes to preparing guacamole. Both turn out super fluffy and delicious, give it a try!





Everything a well-stocked bar needs in a neat storage package.


That is what’s making my list so far. For more kitchen gadgets and tools check out our Food Lover’s Shopping Guide.