Whether you are a seasoned baker or a novice, there's a cake you can make that will leave Mom impressed, proud, and touched with your thoughtfulness.
Credit: Photo: Oxmoor House / Ryan Liebe / Greg Dupree

Baking a cake is one of the sweetest ways to show Mom just how special she is. It's a meaningful gesture because you've spent time creating something with care and love from your own hands. Below are five of our favorite cake recipes that are sure to please.

Credit: Photo: Justin Walker

Brown Butter Cake with Cocoa

A good bit of salt enhances all the flavors here. Combine that with rich browned butter and deep cocoa and you've got an amazingly decadent (yet light) dessert.

Credit: Photo Courtesy of Oxmoor House

Strawberry-Almond Cake Roll

Don't panic--this strawberry and whipped cream-filled cake is surprisingly easy to roll. The tender almond cake is perfect for enveloping the sweet strawberries and rich cream. 

Credit: Photo: Ryan Liebe

Five-Ingredient Chocolate Cakes

This gorgeous dessert uses only five ingredients--sugar, butter, eggs, cake flour, and cocoa (we don't count water, salt, and cooking spray). The chocolate sauce that tops the individual cakes is luscious, thick, and glossy, with full-on chocolate flavor.

Credit: Photo: Brian Kennedy

Rhubarb Jam Cheesecakes

Pull a cake out when you start making dinner, and it'll be ready for dessert. Now that's sweet! Everyone will get an individual cheesecake, perfectly portioned with creamy cheese filling, tender rhubarb, and crunchy granola. 

Credit: Photo: Greg Dupree

Macadamia-Almond Cake

You'd never guess that this gorgeous cake is gluten-free. Made with a combination of almond flour and macadamia nuts, it has a naturally rich flavor and delightful crumbly texture.