In honor of the 11th annual Sweetwater Brewery's 420 Fest, they bottled up a limited-release 420 Fest Double IPA as a part of their Dank Tank series.

Touted as a Double IPA with Experimental Hops, don't let the "experimental" scare you. They're brewed with Lemondrop and Eureka hops for the Hopsteiner Breeding Program out of Yakima, Washington. "Eureka yields a blend of black currants, dark fruit, strong herbal notes, pine tree, mint, grapefruit rind, citrus, and tangerine," Sweetwater says. "Lemondrop gives off lemon, citrus, orange, grapefruit, and 'Amarillo-like' notes."

And boy, does the CL staff love it. At 8% ABV, it tastes dangerously lighter and crisp for the double IPA that it is. It's hoppy and almost creamy while imparting the perfect balance of citrus and floral notes.

Our staffers are raving about this slightly sweet, light summer sipper. There were mentions of poolside patio parties and hot dog grilling by the lake. Encouraged for vibrant spring days and long summer afternoons, pick one of these seasonal 22-ounce bottles up anywhere throughout Sweetwater's Southeast footprint.