I have a very picky Weimaraner named Darby. She was my first child, and when I say spoiled, I mean she lives the life. She is my 55-pound baby!

When it comes to picking out Darby’s food and treats, I try and select items that have natural ingredients and ones that will help protect her skin. Weims are prone to allergies, so I want to keep her as healthy as possible.

I found that Bocce’s Bakery in New York was making a new line of dog biscuits, and when a few boxes came to the office, I jumped at the chance to have Darby try them. These are limited ingredient, single protein, wheat-free biscuits. The new flavors include Cheese, Chicken, Duck, Salmon, and Peanut Butter and Banana.

We tried them all, but Darby picked a clear winner: Cheese. To say she just loves the Cheese biscuits is an understatement. When you hear her crying from the other room, it only means one thing. She is standing in front of the treat drawer, waiting for you to give her another. The biscuits are the perfect size to reward Darby. I love knowing that I am keeping Darby healthy and happy with these delicious biscuits.

Bocce’s Bakery biscuits can be purchased on the Bocce's Bakery website or in boutique pet stores.

If I could come back in another life, I would be Darby. Isn’t she the cutest?!?

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