I have a not-so-secret love affair with sriracha. Ask my coworkers about the day we ordered Banh Mi sandwiches, and I found out we had run out of the delicious hot sauce. It wasn’t pretty.

Naturally I quickly snatched up the can of new Blue Diamond Sriracha-Flavored Almonds when I saw one on the tasting table. The packaging claims “Intense Taste!” and pictures of flames surround the label. Sign me up!

But imagine my horror when I saw my husband handing an almond to my three-year-old son later that evening.

Armed with his glass of milk (a must for my kiddo when trying anything that might be spicy) he boldy tasted one spicy almond—and loved it. Turns out the sriracha flavor is intense, but not too hot—think along the lines of a warmer, spicier BBQ potato chip.

For me, the best part is with the intense flavor and filling nature of the almonds. I only need a couple to satisfy my craving—nowhere near the generous 28 nuts which make up a serving. These babies will definitely be making a return appearance in our snack drawer.

Blue Diamond Sriracha-Flavored Almonds are available at grocery stores nationwide now. Use Blue Diamond's Product Locator to find a store nearest you.

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