Most juicers fall into one of two categories: centrifugal or cold-press. Centrifugal juicers rapidly spin produce against tiny blades. Cold-press juicers crush using 1,000 pounds of pressure. Check out the pros and cons for each.

CENTRIFUGAL JUICERSPROS:• Works very quickly.• Easy to clean.• Works well with hard produce like broccoli and beets.• Affordable options available.

CONS:• The rapid spinning heats up juice slightly, which speeds oxidation, so juice is best consumed right away.• Any inedible peels must be removed, and nuts and leafy greens won't process.• Most fiber and some juice is lost with leftover pulp.

COLD-PRESS JUICERSPROS:• Juice output is high with little leftover pulp (more fiber).• No friction, so juice does not heat up and stays fresh longer (about 3 days).• Can process a wide range of produce, including leafy greens. Softer produce works especially well.• Nuts can be milked (after soaking).

CONS:• Can be very expensive, although more affordable models are entering the market.• Juicing process is slow.

Recommended: Hurom Juicer ($399)

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