Here it is, the best of the month's 'grams.
Credit: Johner Images

Like all of you, we are constantly sifting through Insta for inspiration and getting hungry while we do it. (Shameless plug, follow us!)

We love it when you show us your eats and treats with #thenewhealthy, and we enjoy sharing our recent recipes and discoveries with you! So this month, we’re trying something new—we’ve collected the 10 most popular posts from our April feed all together, for inspiration for the month to come!

In no particular order, here are plates you loved in April:

We’re always fans of clever food swaps AND comfort food, so when this Spring Shepherd’s Pie was a hit, it came as no surprise.

It’s no secret we love eggs. And avocados. And eggs ‘n' avocados. So @what_she_ate’s egg-topped toast was simple, lovely, and completely on point.

Spring FINALLY sprang for most of the country in April, and this Cucumber-Lime-Lavender Cooler is basically just spring in drink form. (Convert to a tasty cocktail with just a splash of vodka or gin!)

As temperatures started to rise, we started seeing more and more #snackdinner posts. You know we love the fuss-free way to eat, and this beauty of a platter by @bluehousekitchendc was basically a Mediterranean dream.

This rich, flavorful Shrimp Bisque got a decadent assist from red miso, for a dish that came together fast, and packed fewer than 300 calories. What’s not to love?

We were enjoying those spring days in April, but clearly looking forward to summer, since this handsome caprese from @feedtheswimmers was like a taste of the warm weather and sunshine to come.

Of course, we can never say no to a pasta dish—especially a light, springy main that comes together in 20 minutes or less. Though light, this Shrimp and Leek Spaghetti packs a third of your daily fiber, so you won’t be hangry right after you eat it.

Veggie sandwiches are one of our favorite ways to do lunch, but a veggie sandwich in the park? We could almost feel the sunshine from @onemealahead’s spring picnic!

Sometimes, a super-simple recipe ends up being both beautiful, and a weeknight hurried-dinner life saver. This Charred Orange-Chile Broccoli fit that bill! It pairs with just about any main, comes together in a flash, and it’s so flavorful you’ll forget it was easy.

You know we love miso, and we kept on loving it in April, in dishes like this Meatless Pasta With Miso Cream that packs 20 grams of keep-you-full protein.