At the end of September, Cooking Light hosted a bake sale at the local farmer’s market to support one of our favorite causes, Cookies for Kids Cancer (see a post about the organization by Julie Grimes).

Gretchen Witt founded the nonprofit in 2008 to raise money and awareness for pediatric cancer research; her son, Liam, was diagnosed with neuroblastoma at age 2. Since the organization began, Gretchen and her team have raised more than $400,000 through the sale of their own delicious cookies, but also by encouraging communities around the country to host their own bake sales for the cause.

Being lovers of sweets and huge fans of Gretchen, the Cooking Light team jumped at the chance to help.

Senior editor Cindy Hatcher (left) spearheaded the sale. She was joined by recipe tester Adam Hickman (right) and other members of our editorial and test kitchen staff. In addition to mountains of cookies, cakes, and brownies, our sale also included a cookie decorating station and raffle prizes of cookbooks and cool kitchen gadgets. By morning’s end, we raised just over $1,000!




Interested in hosting your own bake sale? Check out the CFKC website. And don't miss test kitchen director Vanessa Pruett’s Chocolate Shortbread.