"What are the essential pots and pans?"

This is a question I get asked a lot, especially by friends who are getting married and registering for gifts. I've been cooking in the Test Kitchen for 8 years and have made thousands of meals. In that time, I've whittled my must-have cookware list down to these 5 basic pots and pans:

1.  Stainless 3-quart saucepan

2.  Stainless Dutch oven (preferably about 8 quarts)

3.  Stainless 12-inch skillet

4.  10 to 12-inch cast-iron skillet

5.  12-inch nonstick skillet

Kitchen Tip: Your nonstick skillet does NOT have to be expensive. These must be replaced more frequently than just about anything else in your kitchen because the non-stick surface will wear down over time.

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