With all the focus on filings, crusts, and whipped toppings, it's easy to forget the vessel that will hold our sweet creations. From deep dish to extra wide, the pie plate is the first impression we make with our creative confection, so make sure you're giving off good vibes with one of these three great pie plates.

Martha Stewart Collection Whim Mint Embroidery Ceramic 9" Pie Plate$32The whimsical border on this classic ceramic pie plate lends itself to serving pies at many events and occasions. The design is clean, sophisticated, and fun. The pattern and color will take you from spring to the holidays and every pie purpose in between.

Handpainted Lucerne Pie Dish$42Vibrant blues and deep reds are a trusty color pair. The sweet raised letters and messages add a personal touch to each pie you bake. Perfect for summer pies and holidays ones, too, this pie plate from Anthropologie will get plenty of use in your kitchen.

Ceramic Pie Pan Nordicware$15Multicolor scrolls and floral designs let this white pie plate really shine. The individual details give the appearance of a hand-painted work of art. Bake a pie and gift it with this pie dish for one-of-a-kind homemade love.

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