I spend a great deal of my time making healthy suggestions on how to eat. I’m a nutrition editor. It’s what I do. So you can imagine the self-induced pressure I put myself under when it came time to start feeding my little one solid food. The decision to make my own was a no-brainer, not because you can’t buy healthy prepared baby food at the supermarket (which you can), but because I would never win the mental game with myself if I spent countless hours developing recipes for my day job and only 2.5 seconds grabbing a pouch off the shelf at the supermarket to nourish my babe. I just couldn’t live with myself. So homemade food it was.

I tried the whole baby-led-weaning deal… a very on-trend, practical, and efficient method of feeding that means you let baby feed himself. No puree, no mush, no airplane spoon games. Instead you just give the baby whatever you’re having – be it a chicken leg, bell pepper slice, or wedge of cheese – and let baby set his own pace. Well, Jack (my little one) would have none of it. He was very very slow to eat at first. Which was very very frustrating to this food-obsessed mom. So mush it would be.

I had seen and read about the baby food makers but wasn’t sure they were really worth the splurge. Chop veggies, steam/roast/microwave until smooth, then mash or toss in food processor. Easy enough. The most difficult part of this whole process thus far was getting Jack to actually eat something. I was starting to get really creative with Jack’s rejected purees, which quickly became sauces and dips for mom and dad. The time and effort I put into making Jack’s food (in addition to working full time, exercising, nursing, cooking, and mothering) was starting to get really frustrating.

And then the Baby Brezza arrived in my office. Would I give it a test drive? Sure. Why not?

So I did. And I love it. Just toss veggies into the bowl, make sure the water tank is full, set the time (the machine comes with a handy little guide to tell you how much time your fruit or veggie needs) and press start. Go do laundry. Vacuum the dog hair off the floor. Pour a glass of wine. Bake a batch of cookies. Go spend time with your baby. You literally just set the time, push the button, and the machine does the rest for you. Toss the bowl and blade in the dishwasher when finished.

What I love most is that the Brezza gave me time to get creative. Toss some apples in with the sweet potatoes. Or a handful of spinach. Got beets? Great! Put some goat cheese and whole milk yogurt in once the beets finish blending, then just pulse together with the blend button.  Throw some kale in with the butternut squash. Stir cooked quinoa, bulgur, or steel cut oats into your creation. You get the idea.

Jack is almost 13 months now, and we still use it. At some point around 9 months he discovered that he does, in fact, like food (hallelujah!) and will now eat just about anything. Well, almost. Beets… not so much. But nearly everything else. He’s also less interested in purees – more interested in feeding himself, but I can toss frozen edamame or lady peas or butternut squash cubes in there and set it for steam only, then let Jack feed himself. And don’t just limit it to baby food! I make a few sauces in there for myself.

If you’ve got a new mom you need to shop for I’d highly recommend the Baby Brezza. I used the original One Step Baby Food Maker, but they’ve recently released a newer version that has a glass bowl instead of plastic, and is double the size!

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