Every year, I have the distinct pleasure, honor, and responsibility of seeking out hundreds of new snacks. Then I rally the Cooking Light troops, and we dutifully taste test every single one of them. Sometimes we have head-to-head face-offs between snacks, so we have to try them all over again. (Sounds just awful, right?)

This whole exercise in taste bud fortitude is for one purpose: to find the best of the best and share them with you. The snack aisles of grocery stores are more crowded than ever, so these Taste Test Awards are designed to help you--and us--dig through what's really good among the myriad new options and hone in on the truly great ones for use in our own snack rotations.

Now, we're announcing our 24 favorites with 200 calories or less per serving, all released in the past year. Make your way to our 2015 Annual Taste Test Awards to find out if any of your favorite brands made the cut.

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