I say this with all the love in my heart: We procrastinators are the worst.

Actually, that's not entirely true. We know how to get things done. We just need a spot of panic to really kick us into gear. With that said, Thanksgiving and big meals like it can sink even the most veteran procrastinators among us if we're not careful.

If you find yourself 72, 24, or even 8 hours away from the Big Meal without a dirty pot in sight, we're coming to your rescue. These six recipes (plus an entire super easy menu at the bottom) will help you pull off a meal--or at least a portion of it--some people have been planning for months. And hopefully no one will know you just started thinking about it today.

1. 6-minute Appetizer. I'm not sure there's a better or more seasonally appropriate appetizer than Brie with Jeweled Fruit Compote. Pop the fruit mixture into the microwave, and let the magic happen. If you think about it, sit the brie out about an hour before guests arrive so it gets ooey-gooey melty.

2. 8-minute Dessert. Sure, it's not a true pumpkin pie, but our Pumpkin Pie Ice Cream has all the flavor of the much-loved dessert in just eight minutes. Can't beat that.

3. 11-minute Spud Side. Sweet potato casseroles involve a lot of mashing, mixing, and baking. Skip all that but keep the delicious spirit of the dish with Butter-Pecan Mashed Sweet Potatoes. A quick trip to the microwave speeds up the cooking process. With no marshmallows to melt, we're relying on the spud's natural sweetness and a bit of earthy crunch of pecans.

4. 20-minute Veggie Side. Good news for procrastinators, Brussels sprouts are super delicious when quickly cooked (green beans and broccoli, too). Our Brussels Sprouts with Crisp Prosciutto is ready in less than 20 minutes but still seems super gourmet.

5. 45-minute Stuffing. This may not seem fast, considering some boxed options can probably shave a few more minutes off the clock, but it's the least complicated, most straight forward stuffing recipe you'll ever see. It's bread and herbs, and if you've got a crowd that would balk at a Thanksgiving menu that didn't include stuffing, Simply Herby Stuffing will save your day.

6. 1-hour Turkey. Most Thanksgiving menu makers spend all day watching and waiting for the precise moment when they can remove their beautiful bird from its steamy hold. But if you're behind, try this Spicy Maple Turkey Breast with Quick Pan Sauce instead. It takes just an hour but still delivers on the Turkey Day bird promise. Plus, now you'll have a lot more time (and patience) to spend with your loved ones.

Easiest Thanksgiving Ever. Pull off an inspired holiday feast without an over-the-top orchestration. Our easiest and quickest Thanksgiving menu ever puts simple (but delicious) recipes right at your finger tips. Many of the items are make-ahead, so even if you've waited this long, you've got to get moving.