Turn your next girls' night into a hands-on adventure with a make-your-own dumplings party. You'll be the guide, teaching your friends how to fill and shape their own pot stickers, wontons, and more.

Here's how to set it up: As host, you buy the wrappers and make the fillings and sauces ahead of time. Set up six workstations; inexpensive flexible cutting boards work well. Divide fillings evenly among workstations in small bowls or plastic cups, and set out lots of wrappers—include extras in case of dumpling failures. Print the illustrated instructions below to place at each station. Work through the recipes, one by one: Each person makes three of each dumpling. Decide if you want to cook one recipe at a time and pause to eat between batches, or if you'd rather cook them all at the end. Either way, dinner will be delicious.

Now that you've got the set up and the guide, it's time to pick your recipes:

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