Dark beers and IPAs are great, but if you’re looking for something to drink during a hot summer day (or have more than one), a lighter, fresher beer is your best bet. If you're attending or throwing an outdoor get-together, you will probably be outside, and possibly over a hot grill. And I don’t know about you, but drinking a dark, heavy beer in 90+ degrees just doesn’t sit well. And trying to drink more than one would leave me full and sleepy.

Hefeweizens, wheat beers, and pilsners are great for the summer, as they tend to be a little lighter and fresh-tasting.

We sampled Sweetwater’s Waterkeeper Hefeweizen ale and thought it was lemony, wheaty, and fresh tasting. One thing we liked in particular was that the beer wasn’t overly sweet, as some other hefeweizens and saisons can be. Sweetwater is offering this unfiltered brew to benefit the Waterkeeper Alliance, an association that works to conserve clean water.

Pairings: Since the beer is pretty mild, it will pair well with grilled or spicy foods. It’s great to cool off the heat from a spicy dip and won't overpower a potent sauce or marinade and won’t kill the smoky flavor of grilled meats. If you need inspiration, check our Healthy Burgers.