Forget the usual spatula suspects—we’ve got a Korean barbecue kit, a “grill kilt,” and more to delight dad. 
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Father’s Day is approaching, and that means two things: It’s time to show the father or father figure in your life some love and it’s officially grilling season. 


There are few dads on the planet who don’t enjoy grilling burgers, steaks, hot dogs, and more. Hey, there are even some awesome new plant-based burgers—as well as tofu, veggies, and fruit—that he can grill up, too. 


When it comes to grilling essentials, dad can never have too much. But in addition to essentials like tongs, spatulas, and brushes, don’t forget about seasonings, specialty meats, and chef’s tools when you’re pondering gift ideas. 


Here, we’ve corralled the most unique grilling gadgets, meat kits, condiments, and accoutrement that will surprise and delight dad on his day. 


Umamicart Summer Grilling Essentials Kit

Whether you’re craving kabobs or Korean barbecue, this kit comes with a variety of meats and veggies that dad—and the whole family—will love. With seven pounds of meat and over five pounds of veggies, you can grill up Korean-style pork belly, St. Louis-style pork ribs, Japanese eggplant, and more. All of the meats are marinated to save dad time, and the veggies are in season and at their peak freshness. To buy: $101.89;

Credit: Umamicart

Misen Chef Knife 

Made of high carbon Japanese stainless steel, this versatile chef’s knife cuts through meats and veggies like butter. The blade is at a 15-degree angle, which helps it cut sharp and clean, and there’s a sloped bolster for a comfortable and stable grip. Plus, Misen offers a 60-day test drive and lifetime guarantee. To buy: $65; 

Credit: misen knife

Meater Plus Thermometer

This wireless, leave-in meat thermometer is the first of its kind on the market. Just stick the probe into the meat, turn on the app, and wait for your phone to notify you once the meat has reached its ideal temperature. It stays connected from a 165-foot distance, so dad can roam around and mingle with company. To buy: $99;

Credit: amazon

FinaMill Spice Grinder 

One of the pains of using a spice grinder is cleaning it between spices to avoid flavor contamination—no more. This battery-operated electric spice grinder has two interchangeable and refillable pods so you can bounce between spices without mixing flavors. With an adjustable coarseness dial, dad can use this to grind both dried spices and herbs for that secret dry rub recipe. To buy: $34.99;


Ninja Foodi Smart XL Indoor Grill With Air-Fryer 

For the dad who loves to grill indoors, this electric grill fits up to six steaks and imparts those oh-so-satisfying grill marks. An internal thermometer keeps track of the temperature in two places and alerts dad when the meat is ready to be pulled. You can also toss frozen meats on this grill and be ready to eat within 25 minutes. The best part? No smoke—and you can air-fry side dishes, like Brussels sprouts and French fries, without added oil. To buy: $299.99; 


Grill Kilt Apron

With a 360-degree design, 10 pockets (all in varying sizes!), a carabiner, and five D-ring clips, this innovative apron fits up to a 42-inch waist, with an option to buy an extender. They even include a detachable towel and clasped belt buckle to keep the apron in place. Choose from camo, olive green, navy blue, black, and slate colors. To buy: $89;


Savannah Bee Co. Grilling Gift Set

This kit is perfect for the grill master with a sweet tooth. Savannah Bee Company specializes in high quality, ethically made local and international honey. Its Father’s Day grilling set includes a cooler, two delicious honey-based sauces, one sweet and savory dry rub, a silicone basting brush, tongs, and a spatula. To buy: $70;


Finex Presses

With many grills including flat-top griddles, gifting options are twice the fun. Finex makes our favorite heavy-gauge, pre-seasoned cast iron presses for both the grill and the flat top. Dad can use the flat press for an even temperature and crispy sear on smash burgers, bacon, and chicken, while the grill press works for foods requiring dry heat, like paninis and vegetables. To buy: from $150; 


Jah Mama Sauce 

This medium heat Scotch bonnet pepper sauce has simple ingredients and no added sugars, making it a smart stand-in for barbecue sauce. The newest hot sauce on the market, Jah Mama has five calories per teaspoon, zero fat, is low in sodium, and is gluten-free. It’s also unique in flavor compared to other hot sauces, as it uses Caribbean spices, dates, and garlic to complement any grilled or smoked meat. To buy: $12.99;