A gathering without cheese is a gathering I'd rather not be at. That said, selecting the right dairy delights can be daunting to say the least—especially if you want to branch out and try something new. Worry not, we understand.

For spring entertaining, think about the foods your craving and serving this time of year, and carry that mindset through to your cheese plate—you'll want to go primarily with bright soft flavors, nothing too musty or aggresive. Fresh soft cheeses (i.e. unaged) can often be great candidates. You'll want to balance these out with other accouterments on the board like a sweet fruit preserve or onion jam, sweet-tart apple slices, toasty nuts, and maybe some refreshing cucumber slices.

From the tangy and buttery to the slightly funky, here are our top 4 cheese selections for spring. Break out your cheeseboard and grab a baguette, it's time to party.


1) Herve Mons, Bonde du PoitouThis rich, semisoft pasteurized goat's milk cheese offers clean flavor and light acidity.

2) Landaff Creamery, LandaffThis semifirm raw cow'ss milk cheese is mildly tangy and delightfully buttery.

3) Capriole, Wabash CannonballThis creamy, dense ash-ripened goat cheese delivers a delicious goaty funk.

4) Bellwether Farms, Basket RicottaThis whole-milk, hand-dipped ricotta is impossibly silky with rich cultured milk flavor.

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