When the holidays roll around, we love the creamy-eggy goodness of deviled eggs. And since today is one of those off-the-wall, unofficial holidays (Deviled Egg Day), we thought we would share a few tips and recipe with you.

Since the main ingredients in deviled eggs are usually mayo and egg yolk, this food doesn’t usually win any awards for being light. But here at Cooking Light we love to take on any challenge of making delicious foods light, so why would be stop at deviled eggs?

Put these recipes on the docket for this holiday season, they are lighter than traditional deviled eggs, but still just as tasty.

1. This Creole Deviled Eggs recipe uses reduced-fat Greek yogurt and cream cheese instead of mayo. Spiced up with creole spices and southern veggies, this is sure to be a hit.2. What’s the secret ingredient here with these Shrimp and Bacon Deviled Eggs? Potato flakes! They help give the filling a creamy taste, and helps cut back some of the mayo. Shrimp and bacon make the yum factor up a few notches.3. What could be more perfect for a brunch get-together than these Deviled Eggs with Smoked Salmon and Herbs? Light sour cream and chives make the filling delish, and light – of course.4. And if the traditionalists, we have out classic Deviled Eggs, with all of the home-style glory that comes with this dish. Don’t miss out on these for Holiday family gatherings.

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