According to the American Chemistry council, U.S. households throw out around $640 worth of food every year. Here at Cooking Light, we are keen on wasting as little food as possible. We're always inventing tasty twists to transform leftovers in unexpected ways, and in the Test Kitchen, we've found ways to compost, using fruit and vegetable scraps. Having been inspired by Food & Wine's "5 Ways to Make the Most of the End of a Peanut Butter Jar," we created three recipes to stretch your budget and make delicious use of the dregs left in your mayo jar.

1. Creamy Salad DressingThis multi-purpose dressing, made with 1 tablespoon mayonnaise or less, is a perfect addition to any salad and a delicious dip for crudités or oven fries.

Ingredients1 tablespoon mayonnaise1 sprig parsley1 spring thyme1 clove garlic, minced3 sprigs chive1/3 cup olive oil1/3 champagne vinegar

PreparationAdd all ingredients to a mayo jar, shake it up, and pour.


2. Chicken SaladSeriously, you can never go wrong with chicken salad—ever. Whether you decide to add a spicy curry kick, a nutty crunch, or pineapple chunks, this chicken salad will be anything but boring. Pack it in a pita or top it over greens for a light and refreshing brown bag lunch.

Ingredients1 tablespoon mayonnaise1 chicken cutlet, grilled and shredded1 tablespoon mustard2 tablespoons raisins4 apple wedges, diced1 celery stick, diced3 baby carrots, diced2 sprigs chive, chopped

PreparationAdd all ingredients, mix, and serve.


3. White BBQ SauceA staple of Northern Alabama, this sauce truly complements all things barbecue. Jazz up your salads, dip salty pretzels or drizzle over pulled pork to experience the magic of this tangy all-purpose sauce. It's time to fire up the grill and get messy.

Ingredients2 tablespoons mayonnaise1 teaspoon white vinegar1/2 teaspoon mustard1 teaspoon horseradish1 garlic clove, minceda pinch of brown sugarsalt and black pepper, to taste

PreparationAdd all ingredients, mix and serve. Feel free to dip, dunk and lather—yum!

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