It's time to roll out the red carpet and get clever in the kitchen with a party menu inspired by this year's Oscars nominees. And don't worry, we left raw organ meat (à la The Revenant) out of the mix.

Start off the evening with a batch of warm spiced Apple Sangria, because the fruit responsible for Steve Jobs’ epic career just begs to be made into a cocktail.

Recipe: Apple SangriaMovie: Steve JobsThere’s no question American spies in Russia, and the Russians they spied on, were eating a lot of pierogies. The cheese in these Cheddar and Potato Pierogies is the secret (dare we say covert?) surprise inside. Make this a two-fer: The Martian tried to grow his own spuds in space, and survived on almost nothing but.

Recipe: Cheddar and Potato PierogiesMovies: Bridge of Spies, The MartianThe bro heavy cast of The Big Short made their millions betting against the housing market years before the financial meltdown. And the companies they got the bonds from ended up, well, po’, hence Shorty Shrimp Po’Boys.

Recipe: Shorty Shrimp Po’BoysMovie: The Big ShortWho could forget Eilis and Tony’s date on Coney Island? Give a nod with coneys, or hot dogs, topped with “blushing” pickled pink red onions for when the towel dropped to reveal her turquoise bathing suit.

Recipe: Pickled Pink Dog Hot Dog TopperMovie: BrooklynServe your shorties or dogs with a side of Boston-style baked beans, as thick as the accent of the journalists in the city the dish hails from.

Recipe: Quick Classic Baked BeansMovie: SpotlightAnything with chocolate, almond, and coconut just begs to be dubbed Almond Joy-esque, and that’s reason enough to serve up this dessert in honor of the film’s fierce and brilliant title character, Joy Mangano.

What else? Mad Mac and Cheese anyone? Maybe Chris Rocky Road Popcorn Balls? The fun and the food possibilities are endless. Here's to a great year in movies!

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