When you pack loads of veggies, fiber-rich beans, and lean meats into one big pot of simmering chili, you have a healthy dinner for several meals. Spoon it over quinoa or brown rice to add a serving of whole grains—but avoid too much cheese and sour cream on top. These six hearty, tasty combos will brighten up your chili routine without weighing you down. Once you pick a topper, pick one of our best chili recipes to go with it.




Lighten Your Own Recipe

1. Leaner Meat. Use 10% lean ground beef instead of 20% lean and save 88 calories and 4g sat fat per serving.

2. Better Beans. Beans add bulk and fiber, but canned varieties may also add lots of sodium. Look for lower-sodium and organic varieties with less than 200mg per serving.

3. Go for Grains. Sub 1/2 pound cooked bulgur (about 1 1/4 cups) for 1/2 pound 10% lean ground beef to save 23g fat and boost fiber by 10g per batch.