Give the gift of cookies this season, plus more, by opting for these eco-friendly, long-lasting serving options. Jars, Pyrex, and even tea towels make an appearance to show you how to make the most of your baked treats without giving another throw away plastic tray.
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Cookies are a classic gift around the holidays. Everyone appreciates a of batch goodies that you baked at home. But if you're tired of handing out your gifts on flimsy paper plates or you're concerned over the safety of plastic for food storage, then here are seven alternatives that are sure to please. These are also a great idea if you want your edible gift to be paired with a more substantial serving container that will last the giftee for years to come.

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1. Decorative Cookie Jar

Fond memories of standing on tippy toes and reaching for the cookie jar can be evoked by gifting one this Christmas. A fun jar with a decorative design (bonus points if it matches their kitchen's decor) will be welcome on any kitchen counter. Look for one with a freshness sealing lid.

2. Tin

Besides a paper or plastic plate, the other most common holiday cookie container is a Christmas-themed metal tin. By the time January rolls around, many of us will have a pile of tins, covered with smiling Santas and reindeers, staring at us from our junk closet. Avoid gifting friends and family something that is overtly seasonal, and instead opt for a container that has a design that will be appreciated year-round.

3. Platter

Is the person receiving your gift the hostess with the mostess? Well then they'll definitely appreciate an elegant platter included with your freshly-baked cookies. With tons of design options, everything from funky to elegant, you can find one that will be used again and again.

4. Biodegradable To-Go Containers

Cookies can sometimes be the go-to choice when mass gifting for people like coworkers or extended family. Which means that you're not always going to want to shell out a lot of extra money to give 20+ people each a jar or platter. For a cheap (but environmentally-friendly) alternative, opt for biodegradable containers. Usually sold as to-go containers for restaurants, these will keep baked goods fresh, while not overwhelming your budget. They're available online, but you can also find them in most restaurant supply stores for a decent price. To make them more holiday-inspired, wrap a ribbon around the container, and top with a festive bow.

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5. Pyrex

Made with cookie gifting in mind, these holiday Pyrex containers are your solution for easy cookie storage. Reusable, durable, and sure to keep the cookies fresh, they'll also delight those receiving the cookies with tiny tree or penguin designs decorating the sides.

6. Plate

A ceramic or porcelain plate is a wonderful stand-by option in place of a paper plate and can make all the difference in presentation. It's easy to find simple ones (and really show off those delicious cookies), or keep it fun by choosing a design or character theme that your giftee will love. Wanna keep it easy on your budget? Most thrift stores have funky vintage plates ranging from 25 cents to $1 a piece. Just be sure and wash them before piling on the cookies and gifting.

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7. Tea Towel

If your batch of gift cookies is small, somewhere between half or one dozen, a tea towel may be the perfect way to wrap up that home-baked gift. Contain the cookies in a small pouch of freezer/wax paper to keep them fresh, and then place in the middle of a laid out tea towel. Fold in each opposite corner and tie a loose knot, and you're ready to gift!