Forget the stress of individual cocktails this holiday season, and please a crowd with a punch recipe everyone will enjoy. Punch can be made ahead of the party and even gets better with time. Guests can easily serve themselves from the punch bowl so the hostess can enjoy the party as well. Packed with festive flavors, these holiday punch recipes let you check off at least one thing on your party-planning list.
Credit: Photo: Jennifer Causey

Let punch be your answer for holiday drinks this season. From cocktail parties to sit-down dinners, forget the bar cart and appointing someone (hopefully not yourself) as the bartender. Not only is punch synonymous with the holidays with warm flavors and colors, punch can be made in a big batch a day in advance of the party, which lets the hostess or host relax and actually enjoy their event.

And because there are endless punch recipes for the holidays, we made your drink decision even easier. Our Port of Call Punch is the one holiday punch recipe you'll use all season long. With only six ingredients, this punch can easily be made with what you already have on hand. You might even have a dusty bottle of Port sitting in your liquor cabinet that you can transform with these festive flavors. With fresh citrus, nutmeg and orange liqueur, this punch is floral, refreshing and soothing as these fragrant flavors blend together. We use Ruby Port because it's a little sweeter than traditional Port but either would work fine. 

This recipe is a great starting point by using the base ingredients and substituting your alcohol of choice. If Port is not for you and your guests, you can try using a sweetened rum. However, we wouldn't recommend vodka or anything particularly dry. From sangria to glogg, these recipes below can also be made ahead in a big batch for your guests to sip on throughout the night:

Credit: Photo: Jennifer Causey

Credit: Photo: Brian Woodcock

Choose any of these punch recipes and your holiday party will be off to great start. If you want to continue drinks throughout the night, purchase some bottles of wine but let the punch be the star. But don't let the punch stand alone. Start your holiday party with these appetizers that pair perfectly with our festive drink of choice.