The brand’s new look suggests more than a ploy to standout in the dairy aisle.
Credit: Photo: Callie Barkley on behalf of Chobani

The first thing that comes to mind when consumers think Chobani is, obviously, yogurt (specifically the thicker Greek variety), but that might soon change.

Grubstreet reports that Chobani is celebrating more than 10 years in the dairy aisle with a complete packaging overhaul that is a vast departure from what loyal fans have come to expect. But 10 years have brought a lot of change to the dairy aisle itself, where Chobani faces increasing competition against other brands, driven by a consumer obsession with gut health and healthy staples.

You’ll notice that the “Greek Yogurt” wording stripped from products entirely, but that doesn’t mean that the formula has changed, Chobani’s Chief Marketing Officer Peter McGuinness tells the Associated Press.

Credit: Photo: Callie Barkley / Chobani

“What this new identity enables us to do is start to seed, if you will, us going into other areas beyond yogurt,” he says. But neither McGuinness or anyone else at the brand has shared which new products would be released, nor when Chobani would tackle that expansion.

Grubstreet suggests that Chobani might be eager to extend their brand’s equity into other areas, despite owning 40 percent of the yogurt business in America, due to copycat competitors. After spending $21 million on a new plant that also houses the brand’s “global research and development center,” you can expect more developments beyond a new look from Chobani—and soon.