Get a better butter for your buck. 

So it's no breaking news that almond butter is delicious and so good for you. We assume you know why—but let's tell you one more time. Almond butter is a good source of protein and fiber. It helps you feel fuller longer and gives you the hunger-fighting superpowers you need to survive until your lunch break. It's super heart-healthy because it lowers LDL cholesterol (the bad one). OK. OK. We know. You already know these things—but what you don't know is that Costco is about to be your new BFF. 

What's worse than getting to the bottom of an almond butter jar and realizing you can't get that one last morning spread in? The mental picture of your checking account shrinking as you purchase that dreaded (but desperately needed) next jar. So before you reach for that new jar of Justin's or Barney Butter or MaraNatha, don't.

Who knew that Costco's best kept secret is that it is a haven for extremely affordable, healthy almond butter?

Well now, we all know the truth: This glorious 27 oz. jar of almond is only $8.00 at your local Costco. That's literally less than $0.30 per ounce. But the best part about all of this? Plain and simple. Roasted almonds. With only one ingredient, this nut butter is healthier than or just as healthy as any of your favorite almond butter brands. It contains no additional oils—while many other almond butters do. This better butter for your buck is definitely worth a trip to Costco. 


(Tip: Buying this at the physical wholesale location appears to be cheaper than buying it online.)