More often than not, the breakfast go-to staple can live a second life.
Credit: Photo: Erin Kunkel

Being single is already tough as is – and you can say that again when it comes to grocery shopping.

While one should never complain about fresh items that are delicious, sometimes bulk items can expire before you’ve even had the chance to fully enjoy them.

Enter bagels.

Freezing the entire package of bagels is a safe bet, but it’s a pain when you need to wrangle one from the rest in an early morning daze. And those living on the edge with bagels in bread baskets or on counters often find that staleness can creep in before you’ve even worked your way through half the package.

Before you toss your hardened breakfast or break a tooth, here’s 5 different ways you can creatively reinvent your favorite bagels – and save yourself from the pain of an early loss.1) Cheesy Chicken Bagel PizzasWho doesn’t love a grown-up reinvention of a classic childhood favorite? This solution is a quick, cheesy fix.

Credit: Photo: John Autry

2) Flank Steak Panzanella SaladThis bread-heavy salad is a favorite year round, but you can incorporate a summer twist by using your grill to toast up your favorite bagel, from classic to onion, as well.

Credit: Photo: Erin Kunkel

(For a meatless option, this Chickpea Panzanella is a delicious way to go.)

Credit: Photo: Victor Protasio

3) Eggplant CrostiniWhat better way to save your stale bagels than to incorporate them into this seasonal smash hit and grill outside at the same time? It’s a win-win.

5) BreadcrumbsAt the very least, your bagels can avoid the dumpster with a very simple twist on a breadcrumb that can be used on everything from pastas to proteins.

Credit: Photo: Randy Mayor

Use your breadcrumbs on meat and veggies like this Herbed Breadcrumb Tomatoes recipe or on grilled zucchini or crusted salmon

Credit: Photo: Jennifer Causey
Credit: Photo: Jennifer Causey


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