Its money-saving advantages have made lifelong members of some subscribers.
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Friends, we all know that eating healthy ain't cheap. We're all familiar with that fact, right? That is why, in times of stress, so many of us will turn to easy drive-thru options; more often than not, a greasy fast-food burger is less expensive than going to the grocery store and buying the ingredients to make a healthy meal. Fast food is cheap, and even though there's a chance that it will be accompanied by gastric distress, cheap is worth it.

But here's something else we know unequivocally: Meal planning can help you save money and eat healthier. And how do we know this? Well, because we talked to people who are living that experience every day.

For years, the Cooking Light Diet has helped its members achieve both of those results through its subscription-based, customizable menu planning. Recently, we asked members of the service's Facebook Community whether they've been able to save money while using their meal plans, and how they've done it. Because the Cooking Light Diet helps its members reach their weight-loss goals, we already know they're eating healthier. But we really wanted to home in on whether they were saving money, because it's 2020 and we could all use some good news, right?

Here's what those folks had to say about using the Cooking Light Diet to save money. For more information or to subscribe and start saving today, be sure and click here.

The Multitudinous Money-Saving Applications of the Cooking Light Diet

Time IS Money.

The most important consideration with regard to meal planning and saving money is acknowledging that time is money. And any extra time spent on stressing over what you're going to eat means you have less time to allocate to more important endeavors. That's why Patricia Reidy Lawrence loves using her Cooking Light Diet menus. They save her time, both in the planning and prepping, meaning she doesn't have to settle for unhealthy food options in a crunch.

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Ultimately, any tool that can save you time is going to also save you money, and that's an aspect of the Cooking Light Diet its members appreciate.

Eliminate Excuses.

By definition, meal planning gives you a roadmap to follow. And whether you've ever considered it this way or not, that means it's saving you money. We'll let Cooking Light Diet member Liz Striegl explain it:

Read Liz and husband Nate's amazing success story here.

When you're following a meal plan and have already purchased groceries for lots of less-than-30-minute meals, you're eliminating excuses for you to spend more money. Or, to quote everyone's mother ever, "We have food at home."

This money-saving perk of meal planning is also supported by other Cooking Light Diet members, like Amy Rhoades Whetzel.

Having a plan for your meals means you're actively fighting the urge to impulse-buy food that you don't need and that may not be particularly healthy for you anyway. So the next time you're considering a spontaneous drive-thru purchase, think about meal planning instead. Do it for mom.

Less Food Waste.

Want another way in which meal planning with the Cooking Light Diet can save you money all year? Think about food waste. We've all experienced this: You go to the grocery store and purchase items without a clear plan in place. Fast forward two weeks, and you're throwing away spoiled vegetables and proteins because that lack of plan meant those groceries sat languishing in the fridge while you ordered pizza or picked up takeout. And that's not just food you're throwing in the trash when it goes bad—those are dollars. Cooking Light Diet member Gabriellyn Atigrah sums it up nicely.

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If you put a plan behind your food purchases, you're guaranteed to save money. According to Cooking Light Diet member Ashley Belbeck, leftover food bits that once would've made their way to the trash can are now repurposed into tomorrow's breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

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And to add credence to Belbeck's point, Streigl said that the Cooking Light Diet provides flexibility that leads to money saving. If she knows she wants to eat kale, for example, she'll use her meal plan to find and schedule multiple recipes that use kale, or make smart swaps so she can use it all up, reduce food waste, and get maximum bang for her buck.

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Variety Means Taking Advantage of Discounts.

Last but certainly not least, another way meal planning with the Cooking Light Diet can help save money is through variety. With its thousands of recipes available to schedule into weekly menus, you can always find a meal that will use up whatever you want to purchase. Striegl put it pretty succinctly.

So members are able to control their menus—not the other way around—and take advantage of discounted items at the grocery. That in turn means even less food waste, meaning even more money saved for you.

These are just a few of the ways in which the Cooking Light Diet is changing the lives of its members every day. For even more insight, be sure to join the Facebook Community, or subscribe to the meal-planning service today. Happy planning!

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