Put down the bottle of Orajel – there are a few other tricks you can try first.
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We don’t care if it’s your first or tenth time experiencing it: There’s nothing worse than a cranky, teething baby, and the growing pains are hard for even veteran parents. There are plenty of products to soothe your child’s gums—from over-the-counter medicines to chew toys– but you’ll probably still endure extreme irritability, swollen gums, and more drool than usual.

You might feel hopeless seeing your baby in pain, but before you make another run to the pharmacy, consider turning to common items found in the kitchen for fast relief.


1) Chilled Damp Washcloth

The most simple relief for your baby is something they can chew on, so throwing a clean, wet washcloth into the freezer for 15 minutes is a quick fix. Don’t leave the washcloth in there for too long—for safety and effectiveness, it shouldn’t be completely frozen.

2) Frozen Popsicles

A great treat that can help relieve pressure and soothe gums is a homemade ice pop. While these won’t last more than a few minutes, it’s a wholesome and effective solution. Try an assortment of diced fruit and milk in one of these popsicle molds.

3) Cold Foods

Credit: Photo: Amazon.

If you’re looking for something that will last longer, try freezing some fruit or veggies to use alongside these Munchkin mesh teethers, which are a steal at $7. Things like cucumbers or bananas can be frozen and placed inside the teether to ensure they don’t bite off too large of a piece. Simply wash the feeders off and reuse them as needed.

4) Teething Biscuits

If your child isn’t a fan of frozen food and is able to eat solids, you can keep this room-temperature item in your pantry. If you’re so inclined, you can whip up a batch of teething biscuits on your own – try this recipe.

5) Tea Ice Cubes


A great teething solution is ice cubes, which can be inserted into the mesh teethers or wrapped inside of a paper towel in a pinch. Weakened chamomile tea is caffeine-free and can be poured into an ice cube tray, making a soothing solution for sore gums.