We get a little weak in the knees for cheese this time of year. Thankfully, full-fat dairy is inching its way back onto the healthy eating map, and with it, cheese. Cheese is loaded with the textures and flavors we love, from soft, buttery-rich Brie to hard, super-savory Parmigiano-Reggiano. But it's not purely an indulgence: Cheese is packed with protein and calcium. And unlike most high-calorie party bites that lend themselves to endless munching, a cheese-filled snack or predinner cheese board provides an ideal combination of protein and fat to keep you from overfilling your plate later. What follows is our guide to cheese: how to both splurge a little during the holidays and make every ounce count for delicious, nutritious eating.

Sidney Fry, MS, RD
November 16, 2016