We combine America's favorite dinner bird with our favorite way to cook: everything together in one pan for less fuss, easy cleanup, and downright delicious results. The skillet is chief among one-dish cooking vessels because of its accommodating base and shallow sides: You can sear, sauté, or stir-fry; add liquid for a quick braise; or pop under the broiler for a great crust. The Dutch oven deserves a permanent spot on your stovetop (get one in a cheery color to brighten your kitchen). The base and sides are thicker and stronger than a saucepan, as they're usually made of enamel-coated cast iron. The slow cooker works a kind of magic over those many hands-free hours. With the right technique, you can avoid dulled flavors and textures; instead, succulent chicken breasts and thighs, plus robust broths and sauces, will emerge. The sheet pan quadruples your surface area, letting you roast items in less time and with more delightfully crispy edges. Bone-in chicken pieces contribute their juices to the pan and keep everything from drying out—call it a self-basting supper.

Cooking Light
January 09, 2017