The 2010 Cooking Light Casting Call Competition

&#160;</p><p>In 2010, <em>Cooking Light</em> kicked-off its first ever Casting Call competition to find a new wave of culinary excellence. We received countless videos from self-taught and professionally trained cooks around the country competing for the title of &#8220;Healthy Cook of the Year.&#8221;</p><p><em>Cooking Light</em> editors, along with help from reader votes, narrowed down the contenders to the top four,&#160; Alia Dalal, Gita Patel, Lindsay Rudolph and Sarah Taylor, who battled it out on the Main Stage at the Taste of Atlanta on October 23, 2010.&#160; Our esteemed judging panel, consisting of Chef Allison Fishman, Chef Marvin Woods, and Good Day Atlanta co-host Suchita Vadlamani, had the pleasure of tasting and rating the dishes based on flavor, appearance and lightness.</p><p>All four Casting Call contestants showed great enthusiasm and knowledge of healthy home cooking, using vibrant global ingredients that are naturally lower in fat and calories. However, there could only be one winner! Meet the Cooking Light&#160; 2010 &#8220;Healthy Cook of the Year,&#8221; and recipient of the $10,000 grand prize: Alia Dalal, from Brooklyn, NY!</p><p>&#160;</p><p><a href=" behind the scenes at the Taste of Atlanta and meet the 2010 "Healthy Cook of the Year!"</a>