May 2009

Cooking Light magazine contents for May 2009

Guide to Arugula

This small leaf may look delicate but it packs a peppery punch that intensifies as it grows. more

Spring Strawberry Recipes

Just-picked strawberries star in seven irresistable recipes. more

Take Two: Shrimp and Scallops

Compare these two similar shellfish. more

Recipe Makeover: Cheesy Chicken Enchiladas

A cheesy chicken casserole is revamped to meet a Texas reader’s health goals. more

How to buy the best milk

Get the most bang for your buck on the dairy aisle with our expert information. more

Good News for Good Fats

Palate and heart, rejoice: Emerging research shows some fats have powerful health benefits. Our recipes explore this tasty development. more

Chicken & Spring Veggies

Tender and fresh, spring produce is a great partner to chicken. Find eight recipes featuring the two, plus our tips for choosing and using spring vegetables.


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